What exactly does a full-service interior/exterior design firm do?  Marcia Southwell, owner of South-Land Creative Design, believes that every detail contributes to a well-designed home.  This means that designing a kitchen, for example, from the cabinet layout down to the type of fruit bowl that sits on the counter, is carefully planned.  Nothing in a room is considered insignificant and each item plays an important role for the design to work properly. 

With so many elements to consider when starting a remodel or new construction, it is no wonder that homeowners feel so overwhelmed.  Marcia has developed the Your Home, Your Vision process that guides homeowners through the project from start to finish.  This process consists of four phases: the Design Phase, the Construction Phase, the Furnishings and Decorative Phase, and the Purchasing Phase. 

Design Phase

This phase is the foundation of the overall design and feeling of your home. We will ask you to complete the Your Home, Your Vision Profile™, to determine your preferences and requirements. We then provide scaled floor plans, elevations, and surface samples for your review.

During Construction

Complete Design

Construction Phase

In this phase you may experience a range of emotions. It can be very exciting because you start to see your vision coming to life. It can also be exhausting because you will be asked to make several critical decisions. South-Land Creative Design acts as a liaison to the Contractors to make sure that the decisions that were made in the Design Phase are carried out in this phase.

Furnishings & Decorative Phase

Many clients consider this phase the most fun. This is the final step in making your home a true reflection of your personality. This is achieved by discussing which existing items you will keep and which new items you will need. South-Land Creative Design can introduce you to a variety of quality resources that are only available through the trade. At the end of this phase you will be given a customized Your Home, Your Vision Portfolio™, which includes pictures of the furniture, lamps, samples of fabrics, drawings of pillows, and window treatments that are perfect for your home.

Purchasing Phase

In this phase South-Land Creative Design will place orders for all the items that you wish to purchase through our company. We then track them, coordinate delivery, and supervise installations, so you don’t have to worry.