To create interiors that homeowners feel are true reflections of themselves. 

Whether you are purchasing a new house, remodeling, or planning an addition, South-Land Creative Design can help make your vision a reality.  

When homeowners start a remodeling project, they usually think that a designer comes in at the end to take care of all the final details—such as paint colors, lighting, furniture, and window treatments.  But when South-Land Creative Design is involved from the very beginning of your project, we can help you avoid costly mistakes.  We work closely with your architect and contractor to make sure that nothing is overlooked—where you place doors and windows, for example, or how traffic flows from room to room.  

South-Land Creative Design will help keep your project moving smoothly, without the hassles and headaches frequently experienced by homeowners during renovations or new construction. 

Marcia Southwell, the Principal Designer of this North San Diego County firm, has education and experience in both architectural and interior design.  She listens carefully to her clients to understand how they live in their homes.  Then, as she walks them through the Your Home, Your Vision™ process, she helps them to create the environment that fits their lifestyle and lets them feel right at home.   

Walk into the home you’ve always dreamed of living in, with the help of South-Land Creative Design. 

About the Company

South-Land Creative Design was founded in 1999 with the philosophy that a home should reflect the personality of the people living in it.  This is accomplished by listening to—and understanding—the needs of the homeowners.   We are a full-service interior/exterior design firm that specializes in remodeling and new construction.  Providing our clients with scaled drawings of design details and furniture layouts, allows them to see exactly how their new areas will work.  This eliminates any surprises and can save thousands of dollars. 

About Marcia Southwell

Marcia Southwell is Owner and Principal Designer of South-Land Creative Design. She has over 25 years of experience designing high-end residential homes, which range from 2,500 to 14,000 square feet. After graduating from the Institute of Art in Denver, Colorado, she started her career at Royal Concepts Design in Beverly Hills, later moving to design firms in Palm Desert and Rancho Santa Fe. Five years later, she realized that in order to demonstrate her full design potential, she needed to start her own design firm. Marcia is a true professional with the ability to design, problem solve, and expedite a project from start to finish. Her knowledge and experience with construction, along with her extensive list of pre-qualified sources, have provided her clients peace of mind and a home they can be proud of.


Marcia Southwell was a delight to work with. She listened to what we wanted and picked things that were our style. She saved me hours of time by doing all the leg work to find individual pieces of furniture that worked just perfect in my home. Her over all design and scale made our living room and den look beautiful, as well as functional for an active family. She understood we were on a budget and worked very hard to give me high quality and style within my budget. She contracted to have several pieces of furniture custom made, something I never would have considered, and these pieces fit perfectly into our unusually shaped rooms. I highly recommend Marcia to my friends and family.

I can’t explain how….but when you work with South-Land Creative Designs, you actually pay less than if you were to do this alone!