“Marcia Southwell was a delight to work with. She listened to what we wanted and picked things that were our style. She saved me hours of time by doing all the leg work to find individual pieces of furniture that worked just perfect in my home. Her over all design and scale made our living room and den look beautiful, as well as functional for an active family. She understood we were on a budget and worked very hard to give me high quality and style within my budget. She contracted to have several pieces of furniture custom made, something I never would have considered, and these pieces fit perfectly into our unusually shaped rooms. I highly recommend Marcia to my friends and family.”  Bill & Mary Beth


“I can’t explain how, but when you work with South-Land Creative Design, Inc., you actually pay less than if you were to do this alone!”  Jill


“Working with South-Land Creative Design, Inc., has been one of the best experiences we have had with any design firm. Not only did our projects exceed our expectations and those of our clients, but the process was well organized, the communication was clear, and the designers were readily accessible. Their designs are freshly innovative, clean and timeless, and reflect the desires and personalities of our customers. We regard South-Land Creative Design as an experienced partner that is a pleasure to work with and only a phone call away.”  Dean Jones, Owner/General Contractor, Authentic Designs Inc.


Marcia and her partners always provide me with the best advice, but it’s their listening and intepreting skills that make the biggest difference. Without Marcia’s help, I would have spent thousands more on my bathroom remodel, making purchases and decisions I would later regret.  I had great ideas but didn’t know how to convert them into a cohesive design. For me, this is the critical element that a designer brings to the table, the ability to look at a space from all angles and combine everything creatively, cost-effectively and with that personal touch that makes it my own. I love stepping into my bathroom everyday!   Cindy