Bathroom Must-Haves
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Every homeowner gravitates to certain textures, finishes and colors. Most of the time, these preferences come from great memories and images from the past or a look that inspires us for the future.

Design Tips for Bathrooms[check_list]

  • Start with function. Without everything working in synch with how you live, beautiful colors and fine touches may leave you underwhelmed.
  • Dream of your ideal space! Write down your thoughts without worrying about phrasing. A talented designer can interpret these concepts into design elements that fit your lifestyle and personal flair.
  • Explore new possibilities by experimenting with different looks during the planning stage.  
  • Keep the project within your budget. Make a pact with yourself on how much you want to spend. Work in a contingency fund for changes or new ideas. Professional designers can save you time and money by sourcing the best products at prices below retail. Keep track of what you need, what you want and actual costs. Compare progress to your goals. If you are acting as your own general contractor, ask for help from a designer to set you up with a Design Estimation Tool for organizing and tracking progress. 
  • Enjoy your new retreat! Take the time to soak in that deep bath tub, shower in luxury and just ponder life in a space that allows you to feel pampered at every turn.
  • [/check_list]

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