Marcia Southwell,the Principal Designer of this North San Diego County firm, has a degree in Interior Design and over 15 years of experience in both architectural and interior design. She listens carefully to you to understand how you live in your home. Marcia guides you through her prioprietary Your Home, Your Vision™ process to create an environment that fits your lifestyle.

Moira Waters, Interior Designer, has a degree in Interior Design and over 8 years of experience. She has worked on projects ranging from the refurbishment of Golden Door Spa and The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, as well as the remodel of several single family homes. Her attention to detail, ability to listen, and dedication to meeting her clients’ needs make her invaluable in the design process.

Whether you’re building a new home or planning a remodel, South-Land Creative Design, Inc. will help make your vision a reality.

How do we do that? You may think of a designer as someone who comes in toward the end of a project to help choose paint colors, lighting, furniture, and window treatments. But an interior designer’s expertise extends far beyond helping you with those decisions.

South-Land Creative Design, Inc. comes in at the beginning of a project, working closely with the architect and builder. This early involvement actually helps you enjoy what homeowners often consider a frustrating process. For example, if we plan the furniture layout before construction, we can identify any issues with the window and door placements, and this will allow efficient traffic flow from room to room.

Walk into the home you love to living in, with the help of South-Land Creative Design, Inc!